Aug 19, 2013

News: Papa John's - BOGO 53-Cent Pizza Deal

It's not quite a buy, one, get one free deal, but Papa John's is leveraging their Super Bowl sponsorship with an online-only "buy any large pizza at regular menu price, get a large, 1-topping pizza for 53 cents" offer.

Why 53? That's where the football tie-in comes in. It's almost time for NFL teams to set their final roster of 53 players for the upcoming season. As such, the code to enter for this promotion is "NFL53."

The deal is good through Sunday, September 1 and, apparently, every online Papa John's order placed in August will earn the purchaser a chance to win tickets to next seasons Super Bowl.

For reference: my local Papa John's has the regular price on a large specialty pizza at $14.00, while a large 1-topping pizza is $11.50. So basically, if you buy a large 1-topping pizza and use the offer to get another one for 53 cents, you're looking at just a little over $6 a pizza before tax.


  1. Fuck you, Papa John...take that $0.53 pizza offer and shove it up your rich, gold encrusted ass hole. Pay your workers a living wage and provide them health insurance instead of deep discounting your crappy product in order to gain enough funds for a second castle.

  2. Who'd of thought that a fast food blog would have a bunch of comment Nazi's running the place. Papa John is an asshole and rather than deep discounting his crappy product he should allow his workers to work more than 30 hours and provide them some semblance of health insurance.

  3. Sounds more of a comment on large US corporations in general.. for example is it much different at Wal-Mart? I've heard similar complaints about Taco Bell too..

  4. This isn't a problem that's specific to Papa John's. The Burger King I work at is doing the same thing. I've heard plenty of other businesses in the area are following suit.


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