Aug 24, 2013

Around the World: KFC Germany - New Indian Twister

While it has some traction abroad, curry isn't something that's been embraced by fast food chains in the US. Case in point: KFC has been offering the new Indian Twister all summer long over in Germany.

The new Indian Twister turns up the heat with a spicy curry sauce and jalapenos along with the standard two crispy chicken fillets, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Some of you might remember fondly when the Twister was offered here in the US, but it's since been discontinued here. It's still offered abroad in quite a few countries though. In addition to the Indian Twister, KFC Germany also offers the original Twister as well as a grilled chicken Caesar version.

Also being offered this summer are new Black Pepper Potatoes, which look like thinly-cut potato wedges sprinkled with black pepper and are served with sour cream. Germany is also one of the countries where KFC serves French fries (and the egg tarts that they typically offer in Asian markets).

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