May 2, 2019

KFC Offers Two for $6 Mix-and-Match Special

For a limited time, KFC is running a two for $6 mix-and-match deal at participating locations nationwide.

The selection for the special from which you can choose any two for $6 includes:

- Famous Bowl
- Crispy Colonel Sandwich
- Pot Pie
- Three Extra Crispy Tenders

You can add a flavor (Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, etc.) to the Crispy Colonel Sandwich and Extra Crispy Tenders for an additional charge.

The deal is slated to run through the end of June 2019.

While a number of the major burger chains have been all about the "two for" deals, the fried chicken chains have been slow to throw their hat in the ring and have instead embrace combo meals for $4 or $5. Perhaps Church's or Popeyes will follow suit.

Photo via KFC.

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