Around the World: Pizza Hut Canada's Big Dipper Comes with Five More Sauces Than US Version

While Canada gets Pizza Hut's  new Big Dipper Pizza over two years after us , they get it wi...

While Canada gets Pizza Hut's new Big Dipper Pizza over two years after us, they get it with six different dipping sauces to choose from while ours only came with one choice: marinara.

The Canadian version of the Big Dipper features the same 24 strips of pizza, but offers a choice of three dipping sauce chosen from a group of six. Customers can choose from Sweet Chili, Frank's Red Hot, Italian Marinara, Peppercorn Ranch, Cheddar Jalapeno, and Creamy Garlic.

You may also remember that Pizza Hut Canada got the very Canadian Poutine Pizza and the Crown Crust earlier this year.

Where's the love Pizza Hut?!


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