Mar 16, 2014

News: Breyers Offers New Gelato

Breyers is getting into the gelato business with new Gelato Indulgences. Each of the four new flavors feature gelato, a sauce, and toppings.

The available flavors are:

- Vanilla Caramel, which comes with vanilla gelato topped with caramel sauce, and "caramelly curls."

- Raspberry Cheesecake features cheesecake gelato topped with raspberry sauce and graham crumbles.

- Tiramisu comprises of mascarpone gelato topped with espresso sauce, ladyfinger cookies pieces, and cocoa.

- Triple Chocolate is made up of milk chocolate and dark chocolate gelatos topped with white chocolate sauce and chocolaty curls.

Breyers Gelato Indulgences are available at grocery stores nationwide and come in a 28.5 oz tub with a suggested retail price of $4.49 - $5.99.

I'm a bit curious to see how these are since gelato is typically viewed as a more premium product and most of the "ice cream" Breyers now puts out is now "frozen dairy dessert" (i.e. not commercially recognized as "ice cream").