Mar 26, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Serves Up New $12 Burger in Switzerland

McDonald's recently introduced a new premium Signature Line over in Switzerland anchored by a $12 celebrity-chef endorsed burger they're calling "The Prime."

The burger was developed in collaboration with Rene Schudel, a Swiss celebrity chef and television host. It features a 180g (6.3-oz) Swiss beef patty, "rustic mountain cheese," coleslaw, arugula, and a special sauce.

The price tag on the burger reads a princely 10.90 Swiss francs or approximately $12.31.

The rest of the signature line includes either medallion-cut fries or really thick potato chips that they're calling "The Chips" and a number of side salads including potato salad, coleslaw, Caesar salad, and an Ebly-branded couscous salad.

It should be noted that a Big Mac in Switzerland goes for 6.50 Swiss francs (~$7.34 US). Given that a Big Mac is about $3.50 here in the US, The Prime would probably be about $6 or $7 here.