Mar 18, 2014

Around the World: KFC Australia Threw Some Popcorn Chicken on Nachos and Called It a Day

Less than inspired but possibly good, KFC Australia added popcorn chicken to the more standard nacho toppings of shredded cheese and salsa for the new, limited-time Nacho Box.

Oddly enough (perhaps not in Australia but definitely here in the US), the cheese does not appear to be melted (?!). Of course, KFC doesn't serve nachos here in the US.

A Nacho Box goes for $3.95 AUS (~$3.60 US).

To complete the theme, there's also a new Nacho Burger, which actually has nacho cheese sauce in it. Along with the cheese sauce is a crispy chicken breast filet, corn tortilla chips, salsa, lettuce, and a slice of cheese.

The Nacho Burger is a bit pricier at $6.45 (~$5.88 US).