Mar 20, 2014

News: Taco Bell Sends Out 1000 Breakfast Phones

In a pretty inspired marketing campaign, Taco Bell recently sent out 1,000 "Breakfast Phones" to various Taco Bell superfans and influencers as part of the lead-up to their breakfast launch coming on March 27.

What's a Breakfast Phone you ask? It's a pre-paid burner phone (it's all very covert no?) that rings and texts throughout the day with time-sensitive missions to complete for prizes.

I happened to get sent one of the phones (because I write about this stuff). So far the missions are delivered throughout the day (and night) via pre-recorded messages and revolve around social media with prompts like "Tweet which Taco Bell breakfast item are you into" and "Where would you rather have a new Taco Bell Waffle Taco a beach in sunny California or in NYC?" with 4-hours to complete each task. The whole concept is pretty cool and reminds me a little of the television shows Get Smart and Mission Impossible (...I hope my phone won't blow up at the end of this). You can follow along by searching "#WakeUpLiveMas" and "#Contest" on Twitter.

The prizes are a bit kooky: mostly Waffle Taco-themed stuff like PJs and shoes, but also a Crunchwrap Bed Set and a couple cool trips.. which include having breakfast at Taco Bell, of course.

Here's what a Waffle Taco T-shirt looks like:
Update 3/24/14 - Got a text on my Breakfast Phone from Taco Bell: "We almost called the AM Crunchwrap the Brunchwrap We think we made the right choice."

Here's what a Waffle Taco hoodie looks like (don't be surprised if you see some Waffle Taco-themed items on Taco Bell's online store in the near future):

Update: 3/25/14 - They released a photo of the Crunchwrap bed set (complete with hash brown PJs, and yes, that is a tortilla-egg blanket or bed spread as far as I can tell). Brings new meaning to "Wake up to bacon...":