Mar 10, 2014

Around the World: Starbucks Canada - New Maple Macchiato

While we in the US get the recently introduced Vanilla Macchiato, up north in Canada, Starbucks is offering the new Maple Macchiato as a nod to the country's maple production (and fixation).

The new Maple Macchiato starts off like any other Starbucks Macchiato with vanilla syrup, steamed milk, an and espresso shot, but is finished with a criss-cross drizzle of maple topping made with "real Canadian Maple Syrup found from the Beauce-Appalanche region of Quebec."

Select stores in the US had offered a Maple Macchiato previously but it disappeared sometime in 2012.

Like the Vanilla Macchiato, the Maple Macchiato is a permanent menu addition.