Mar 9, 2014

News: McDonald's Testing New Petite Pastries

McDonald's is testing new Petite Pastries at participating locations in San Diego County as part of their McCafe line.

The new pastries are available all day and come in two varieties: raspberry and cinnamon cream cheese. They're made with real butter and feature a layered, flaky pastry dough. Apparently, they're freshly baked through the day in each restaurant.

According to the LA Times, the new Petite Pastries are being sold in pairs for $1.99 or for $1.29 for one if you buy it with a McCafe coffee drink.

If the pastries concept seems familiar to you, it wasn't too long ago that McDonald's was testing a selection of fresh-made bakery items in a few New England states. Petite Pastries are also similar to Starbucks Petites (which have pretty much been pared down to cake pops with the La Boulange rollout)

As you can tell by the picture, I managed to get a hold of a box of these and you can expect a review soon!