Mar 6, 2014

News: Oscar Mayer - New Bacon Scent Alarm Attachment for iPhone

Because they figured that people really want to wake up to the smell of bacon without there actually being bacon to eat, Oscar Mayer is offering a new Bacon Scent Alarm attachment for the iPhone. 

Using a free app, the device will waft the scent (and sizzling sound) of bacon your way when the alarm goes off. Unfortunately, they did not come up with a device that will automatically make you bacon when the alarm goes off. So, while you might wake up to the smell of bacon, you're going to have to cook it yourself if, by chance, the scent makes you want to actually eat bacon.

To top it off, you have to be lucky (or is it unlucky?) to get one. Instead of selling them, they're giving away 4,700 of the Bacon Scent Alarm via a sweepstakes at

They also came up with a weird bacon dream video promoting the alarm: