Mar 14, 2014

Frozen Friday: Boston Market - Salisbury Steak

Boston Market's Salisbury Steak frozen meal comes with two steak patties in a brown gravy with a side of mac and cheese.

I picked up a 14.5-oz box for $2.50 on sale.

The steak patties were a good size and sported the occasional grill marks. They were beefy with a coarse but overly mushy consistency to them that ended up feeling a little gummy. If Stouffers' version feels like a little home-made, this was closer to Banquet (the budget brand).

The gravy offered a deep savory note that went well with the beef. It's a more liquid-y gravy but it clung well enough to the meat.

I'm still not convinced on the paring of Salisbury steak with mac and cheese but Boston Market has done a good job of having them complement each other. Neither tasted overly salty and I could move from back and forth from one to the next without feeling a hankering for bread or mashed potatoes.

The mac and cheese had a nice thick consistency that adhered very nicely to the corkscrew pasta. Tastewise, it was creamy and made with mostly American cheese. While it was pretty good, just plain pasta would have worked better with the Salisbury steak. There were a couple cheese-less pasta pieces that separated from the rest prior to cooking and they went really well with the gravy.

Overall, Boston Market's Salisbury Steak was pretty good. The steak itself is a bit middling as far as the segment goes, but the mac and cheese actually went well with it and made for a pleasant meal. Also, I like Salisbury steak in general.

Nutritional Info - Boston Market Salisbury Steak frozen dinner - 14.5 oz (411g)
Calories - 630 (from Fat - 320)
Fat - 35g (Saturated Fat - 15g)
Sodium - 1700mg
Carbs - 50g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 26g