Mar 21, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Serves Breakfast Until 1pm in Spain

While some late-risers might bemoan the fact that McDonald's doesn't serve breakfast past 10:30 or 11:00, you'll probably be unhappy to know that in Spain, McDonald's serves breakfast until 1pm.

Apparently, a lot of Spanish customers don't eat dinner until 10pm and then forgo breakfast in lieu of a late morning snack. So in Spain, McDonald's has taken to serving breakfast until 1pm, which is an hour later than most of Europe (yes, most of Europe gets McDonald's breakfast 1 hour longer than we do).

Also to accommodate the penchant for late morning snacking, beside the typical McDonald's breakfast items, you'll find lighter fare like toast with jam and butter, and a toasted croissant with chocolate syrup.

That being said, McDonald's has been recently expanded breakfast at some restaurants here in the US to begin at midnight (although with a limited menu). The company is also considering serving breakfast later.