Mar 8, 2014

News: Frito-Lay - New Buffalo Wild Wings Flavored Deep Ridged Ruffles

Frito-Lay is offering new Ruffles Deep Ridged potato chips boasting ridges two times as deep as regular Ruffles with a new, co-branded flavor: Classic Hot Wings inspired by Buffalo Wild Wings. The flavor features notes of tangy vinegar, chicken, and hot sauce.

Not sure how this squares with their existing Ruffles Ultimate line of -potato chips, which also has really big ridges (that seem at least two times as deep). It sometimes feels like Frito-Lay is out to become the General Motors ((before they got rid of overlapping brands like Pontiac and Saturn)  of snack foods.

Ruffles Deep Ridged potato chips will also come in Barbecue and Bacon & Cheddar flavors in the near future.

Ruffles Deep Ridge Classic Hot Wings potato chips are available now and come in two sizes: 2.5 ounces and 7.5 ounces. The suggested price is $1.49 for a 2.5-oz bag and $4.29 for a 7.5-oz bag.

To accompany the new chips, Frito-Lay is also offering new Ruffles Buffalo Ranch Dips, which comes in a 15-oz jar for a suggested retail price of $3.69.