Mar 29, 2014

Around the World: Calbee Combines Shrimp Chips and Strawberry for New Snack in Japan

In a very odd pairing, Calbee is producing a limited-edition shrimp-flavored chip covered in strawberry white chocolate. The company is best known here in the States for Shrimp Chips, but the new strawberry white chocolate-covered ones will only be available in Japan and only at Calbee Plus stores.

According to RocketNews24, the new chips are made in partnership with Hokkaido-based chocolate manufacturer Royce, which in turn is known for making things like chocolate-covered chips and chocolate-covered popcorn as well as the more standard chocolate bar.

Also, this is not the first collaboration for the two companies: they've also put out chocolate-covered shrimp-flavored chips.

Calbee's new strawberry white chocolate-covered shrimp-flavor chips go for 713 yen (~$6.94 US) a box.