Mar 13, 2014

News: Jamba Juice - New Kale Orange Power Fresh Juice Blend

Jamba Juice expands their line up of Fresh Juice Blends with new Kale Orange Power, which is fresh orange juice blended with chopped whole leaf kale and bananas.

If that's not enough kale for you, Jamba also offers new Kale Whole Food Boost (i.e they'll blend kale into whatever drink you like).

To help promote the new drink, Jamba Juice is offering a coupon good for either a 12-oz Fruit & Veggie Smoothie or Fresh Juice Blend for $2 through Sunday, March 16, 2014. You can find the coupon on their website here.

Nutritional Info - Jamba Juice Kale Orange Power - 12 oz
Calories - 190 (10 from Fat)
Fat - 1g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 20mg
Carbs - 44g (Sugar - 33g)
Protein - 4g