Mar 22, 2014

News: New Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James

Sprite partnered up with basketball star LeBron James to come up with new Sprite 6 Mix soda. The move marks the second time LeBron and the Coca-Cola Company have teamed up for a drink (he collaborated with their Powerade sports drink brand in 2004 for red sourberry-flavored Powerade Flava23)

The limited-time flavor features the traditional lemon-lime taste of Sprite with a bit of cherry and orange flavor thrown into the mix (apparently, another flavor in the running during development was fruit punch).

In case you're wondering, the "6" is for LeBron's current jersey number and the crown inside of the six is for his nickname: "King James."

The new flavor comes in 20-oz bottles and 19.2-oz cans and can be found in convenience and value stores nationwide.