Mar 14, 2014

News: Starbucks Adds Digital Tipping to iPhone App

Starting March 19, Starbucks' iPhone App will, among other things, be updated to include the ability to tip your Starbucks barista.

Tips can be made for 50 cents, $1, or $2.

Along with the new app update, a "shake to pay" option has been added to allow app users to quickly bring up their payment barcode rather than having to navigate through the app buttons.

Digital tipping has been a top suggestion on, an online suggestion box for the company where visitors can submit their ideas as well as upvote the ideas of others.

Some concerns voiced by users so far have mainly centered around the preset tip amounts rather than being able to set any amount you choose.

An Android update for the app, which will also include the digital tipping feature, is planned for later this year.