Mar 12, 2014

News: Einstein Bros. - Green Bagels Back for St. Patrick's Day

Einstein Bros. and Noah's Bagels are once again offering Green Bagels for St. Patrick's Day. 

If you're wondering, they're plain bagels with the addition of green food coloring (maybe you can hold one and avoid getting pinched).

You can buy them individually or in a St. Paddy's Green Bagel Box, which contains 13 green bagels and two tubs of schmear (AKA whipped cream cheese). Individual bagels go for a little more than a buck, while the box is $14.99 (may vary).

If you're looking to get some, they're available through St. Patrick's Day, Monday, March 17, 2014.

Rival bagel chain Bruegger's will also be offering green bagels this weekend at participating locations.