Mar 19, 2014

Around the World: Starbucks Japan Introduces a Lemon Latte Topped with Lemon White Chocolate

Starbucks Japan goes with the citrus-y flavor of lemon with their latest seasonal drink (and somewhat long-winded drink; I wonder if it's shorter to say in Japanese): new "Creamy Vanilla Latte with Lemony Swirl."

Also available as a Frappuccino, the new drink features a latte imbued with the taste of vanilla and lemon curd (i.e. mixed with a lemon vanilla sauce). It's then topped with whipped cream, bits of lemon peel-flavored white chocolate, dried lemon peel, and lemon vanilla sauce.

Prices start at 510 yen (~$4.98 US) for a Tall (12 ounce) Frappuccino and 430 (~$4.20 US) for a Short (8 ounce) latte.