Mar 5, 2014

Around the World: Subway Japan Offering Meatloaf Sub

Over in Japan, Subway has been offering a limited-time Meatloaf Sub as well as a Prosciutto & Anchovy Potato Sub as part of a "Feast Sandwich" promotion.

The Meatloaf sub has a bit of a Japanese twist to it though: it's interspersed with veggies, but rather than the more typical onions in the US, the meatloaf contains a colorful blend of red bell peppers, green soybeans, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and arrowhead. Beyond the typical bread and veggies, it also comes with a demi-glace and cheese sauce.

The Prosciutto & Anchovy Potato features slices of prosciutto layered with anchovy potato salad.

Both sandwiches have been available since mid-January and cost 490 yen (~$4.77 US) for a 6-inch sub. The promo is set to end sometime this month.